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Our consulting process entails three steps. Within these three steps, we can help you understand your church better and then provide practical steps to becoming a healthier, impactful church!

Step One

In this first phase we will gather internal information and data. We will arrange this information in a form that would best present our case for the current realities of the church. In this stage we will also begin extensive demographic and psychographic studies of the designated community in which the church is located.

Step Two

In phase two we will spend time on the church campus and in the community. We will attend services, interview staff and key leaders, and analyze church facilities. This can be accomplished both in person and / or virtually.

Step Three

The third phase of this comprehensive consultation will represent the heart of our work. We take all the information we gathered and synthesize the data into key findings, insights, and recommendations.  This synthesis is the substance of our report, but the details of our findings will be included in section three of the provided report. We believe our recommendations will help your church grow numerically and grow spiritually. 

Stand Alone Services

While we recommend a full comprehensive analysis, we can provide one or more of these stand alone services.

  • Major Demographic Findings about the Community


  • Major Psychographic Findings about the Community


  • Church Health Survey and Analysis

  • Attendance Analysis

  • Giving Analysis

  • Facility Analysis

  • Worship Analysis: First Time Guest Perspective

  • Congregational Health Analysis: Summary of Transformational Church Survey

  • Graphic Design / Website / Social Media Assistance

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